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Harmonet’s mission is to empower the independent artist.
So you can expand your professional career in the music industry.

Harmonet is a networking platform and resource for the independent musician and music professional, based on location. The foundation of our site is our database, where a user can list themselves as an artist, manager, producer/engineer, or freelance musician, with more options coming soon. A user will create their profile to be listed on the database, and then browse through other users profiles to begin making connections.

In addition to our database, Harmonet offers several resources such as:

  • Lists of venues
  • A newsletter, which will include insider information from professionals in the industry, upcoming shows, and features on our Harmonet users.
  • Other features and the Harmonet App coming soon!

Our Story

Harmonet was crafted from the perspective of its users. SKY and Grace Lowe set out to create a tool for the independent musician and music professional based on their own experiences as an artist / manager duo.

One late evening in November, sitting in SKY’s apartment with a board of cheese and bread, they were planning out SKY’s next few months of live shows. It was then that they came to a devastating realization; they had a very small network of musicians to share gigs with. Although they knew of bands from their area, not all of them fit the sound/genre that was desired for SKY’s performances. They went searching in the dark, looking for new artists for SKY to play with. But after several hours, they only had a small handful of possibilities to show for it. The both of them shared a similar frustration, “This is harder than it needs to be. This should be easier.”

That frustration sparked the idea for what is now Harmonet. Grace and SKY have built Harmonet with the intention of uplifting the independent musician and music professional by expanding their network, resources, and toolkit. Harmonet is changing the expression, “It’s all about who you know” from a discouraging phrase into an empowering one.